Susan Novak, R.Y.T. 200
Completed my 200hr training in 2016 at Bhumi's Yoga and Wellness Center.

The self-awareness, peace and purpose I feel from mindful movement and deep breath work on me from the inside out. I believe that yoga is for everybody who gives it a try, and that it has something to offer everyone; a true panacea. I am excited to share and enjoy the practice with others because it has changed my life, both physically and more importantly, mentally and emotionally. Being 'tightly wound', yoga has helped me to slow down, enjoy the present moment, and seek perspective in all situations.

As an instructor, my intention is to create a safe space and encourage students to explore their mind-body connection, accepting themselves right where they are today. I look forward to encouraging others to seek out the many benefits of yoga.

An important mantra for me is ‘THIS is now’. Living in the moment can be difficult for me as life moves by so quickly and is often super busy. Feeling, being in and fully experiencing the present moment is an important yogic principle that I strive toward.